Social Media Tools- Week 1 Getting Started

Here is my 101 social media for idiots who are afraid to admit it. And what social media for free
So 1 week ago I new nothing about social media … and after two inspiration presentations in one week ( Andy Lark and Melissa Clark- Reynolds) I thought I better get started.

Things to load on your PC and I-phone and get accounts for:


So some tips so far:

Split your personal and work stuff.  Once you have your basic setup in place setup your work facebook page. Then you will not have to have your work acquaintances knowing that your riding buddy thinks you a blouse because ….

The  one I set up for escalator is here

Once you get started start to trim your network and again use a Group to separate out work and personal contacts.

When you set this up choose an easy account name mine is succintstories then its will show up as  
My take here is that this is the easiest way to reference material across all forums using tweetdeck and its short urls (links).

This is the major saviour You can post tweets, status updates etc all in one click… ye ha

So my mode of operation now is: 

Short messages: Post direct on tweetdeck you choose on the fly whether the post will be on facebook personal , facebook work page, linkedin status and of course tweet everything appears there

 Long messages:  Write an article on wordpress then reference it in a short message on tweetdeck.

Cheers Mark

4 thoughts on “Social Media Tools- Week 1 Getting Started

  1. Great post, but a little word of warning on Tweetdeck.

    I found out the hard way the amount of traffic it generates, I ended up using nearly one gigabyte of traffic day when I left Tweetdeck running.

    Since I am on a pay per gig plan, that was a very painful exercise.

    I recommend the web based system Hootsuite ( – It can link with Twitter, FB and LinkedIn, and as I manage 5 twitter accounts, I can say with some authority it is a brilliant free tool!

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