Why – how – what: How great leaders inspire action

Tapping the emotional  core of decision making is proven to be more effective than the logical brain.

I  am consantly challenging entrepreneurs to pitch-  present  “what ” they do – in terms of outcome, rather than “how” they do it.

It appears the default way all “craftsmen” speak is to talk about their craft.  Hell thats what they are expert in.
 So we oftern hear “What great technology we have” rather than,  “this technology solves this mega problem” and better still “this technology saves you money”.

Simon Sinek takes this concept a step further and argues the point that we should be driven by “what we  believe” or “why”we think the way we do”.
Have a listen to his 18 min TED presentation. You will get it, in the first 5 mins. 


As a side note:  How many ppt slides does he use? 
None!   2 pieces of flip chart and a pen.


2 thoughts on “Why – how – what: How great leaders inspire action

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