6 laws of successful pitching

Gail Geronimos – Achaeus – Australia sings from the same hymn book with her sound words of advice to those pitching for investment.

On Gail’s blog you can download a paper detailing her 6 laws of investment pitching. Check out her blog at www.pitchingtoinvestors.com 

Here is a quick teaser summary: – with my comments

law 1:  Understand the investor  – is this the next, “best” investment for them – “so tell us about the investment not just your product”
law 2:  Have a good business plan –  – “dreams and visions are not enough – show us how you will get there”
law 3: You have 20 seconds to increase my heart rate – “be different its abut standing out from the pack”
law 4: Answer the question“Oh yes I have seen some people dig big holes here (and not money pits either), acknowledge different view points – remember the line between confidence and arrogance”
law 5: Get an Introduction“be credible and it will happen – remember in the investment game every referral reflects the referer don’t expect introductions immediately they are earned”
law 6: Execute/demonstrate how you will build the business

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