What is the one skill you don’t have, that you wish you did? – Daniel Batten

Daniel Batten conducted this interesting survey and makes some sound points. Read his full blog post at

The short form results  from his survey were:

– 12% said something to do with Web2.0/social media/Internet Marketing
– 22% said something to do with better financial literacy, or basic accounting skills
– 38% said something to do with speaking, influencing, persuasion, or feeling comfortable addressing either a group, or an environment where they needed to persuade something of something.
– 18% – everything else
– 10% – “I already have all the skills I need”

My comment on this is you can “choose to wish” or you “can do”, so go and do something about it.

I like Daniels comment how Steve Jobs spends 1000’s of hours practicing to be an accomplished speaker. It reminds me of a book the  “knowing doing gap” in this book it highlights  how people are promoted and succeed in business through what they say rather than what they do, unfair but true.

What are you doing to help fix your skill gap …  in most cases simply having an effective pitch and actually delivering it will bring success.

Public speaking and persuasion can be fixed with one outside help – coaching and practise, practise, practise.

I personally am a fan of toastmasters as a great place to practice, find a good club and it can be very thought provoking, as well as a great opportunity to master the skill of persuasion and speaking.

Do not forget (yes I am biased) that both financial literacy and speaking – pitching are covered in the NZTE fully funded  Escalator Investment Ready workshops:  “power pitching” or “essential guide to capital”.   Register now www.investmentreadytraining.co.nz

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