Social Media a New Management Philosophy – Not Facebook

Are you ready to adopt the new way to do business?
Or are you like most running scared of Social Media ?

The Social Media  phenomena must be one of the most miss-represented and miss-understood business tools – methodologies today.

It is so disruptive that a author Erik Qualman –Socialnomics states it simply as: The ROI of social media is that your business will still exist in 5 years”

Consistently companies large and small fail from lack of clarityand engagement with their market and inability to maximise the performance from their loyal staff.

The paradigm shift is that Social Media, in a business context, to be successful is about a new way of doing business and engaging customers, not technology. This change must start at the top of organisations with new leadership styles, clarity of purpose, and most importantly empowerment and ownership of this by the staff. 

Once you embrace the true Social Media culture your organisation is open to all the benefits of full customer engagement (market intelligence), but equally so you will live in a glass house, open to view 24 hrs a day 365 days a year.

Just as individuals consistently rate public speaking as their top rated fear, NZ Businesses appear to be running from open an uncontrolled engagement with their customers and loyal brand ambassadors. 

Embraced properly this new approach engages market feedback in seconds – real time, not with 3 months delay as you commission a new market survey.

There are a few thought leaders who have embarked on this new leadership and business approach, its early days but I will predict those that get this right will eat their competitor’s lunch.

Dell an early adopter, who have been on this journey since 2006, are pioneers in this space.  Some examples of early success are: “Dell Swarm programme”– join the Social Media group and as the group grows you get a bigger purchasing discount; “Dell Outlet” clears $2M+ end of line product with special offers.

Unfortunately to-date, too many people, internal champions, are selling it as Facebook and Twitter, a technology play, or worst still just implementing Social Media without the change in management approach which more than likely will result in failure.

 This is the first blog post in a series on Social Media …
look out for my upcoming report on Dell’s Social Media forum held last week in Sydney

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3 thoughts on “Social Media a New Management Philosophy – Not Facebook

  1. A great post Mark, and you’ve hit the nail on the head about NZ’s fears around Social Media as well as the fact it’s not about technology but rather about communication.

    We have started a social network site for NZ sales professionals and corporate kiwis to network and provide a central place for them to get their customers RAVING about their products and services.

    I was impressed to see Urgent Couriers have a staff member whose job is “Key Account Management, Sales and Social Media”…I think the businesses who embrace Social Media early on will be the ones who all the others will be trying to topple in a few years.

    Love your example about Dell too, they’ve done a fantastic job increasing sales using social media as a communication tool.

  2. Hi Mark,
    Thanks for the reference to my blog post, enjoyed your post and its useful reminder of the key role that social media plays in effective people engagement. After all, people are already having conversations about their work life around watercoolers and over cafes – why wouldn’t a company want to be a part of those conversations…?
    Am currently in talks with Volvo and SKF (among others) to organize a Nordic conference this October on that very subject: social media as people engagement tool – keep an eye on my blog for updates and further info!

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