5 Tips for Presentations – Matthew Homann

Matt Homann recently posted his top 10 rules on creating  presentation slides on his blog.

Here are my pick of the top 5 from his post:

1.  Unless your presentation tells a story, the audience won’t care about the ending — they’ll just pray for it.

2.  The average person remembers just three things from your presentation. Great speakers make certain everyone remembers the same three things.

3.  Your audience’s attention is a lot like your virginity. You only get to lose it once.

4. The number of words on a slide is inversely proportional to the attention your audience will give it.

5.  Never read your slides. When you do, it suggests to your audience you think they’re incapable of doing so themselves.

Go to Matt Homann’s blog to read his full list of the top 10

website:  http://www.lexthinkllc.com/
blog:  http://thenonbillablehour.typepad.com/nonbillable_hour/ten-rules/

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