Communicating Strategy Concisely

You have created the master business strategy – so now how do you communicate it with your staff and other stakeholders?

High growth companies must constantly change and adapt to both market and internal forces. As such they should perform regular 6 monthly strategic reviews, with the possibility of completely trashing their current business strategy and plan.

Traditional business plans are great for risk mitigation, proving investment cases and the like, typically they end up being 60 – 100 page novels that sit on the shelf and gather dust.

You can effectively communicate your strategy in less than six pages

The purpose is communication of the outcome rather than justification for its existence.

Use bullet lists and diagrams to create communicable messages that all your stake holders – can absorb and more importantly execute on.

The six components-messages:

  1. Value Proposition Statement – Mantra  Statement
  2. Goal Statement – for your business (success for the business)
  3. The Business Model Diagram – how your business operates in one page
  4. Milestone Diagram – one page business plan
  5. Brand – Culture statements – value list
  6. Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Statement

For more information communicating your strategy, creating strategy other related post  Business Model Generation

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