How to write a book in less than 48 hours

Writing a book in less than 48 hours …
Sounds like an impossible task, but that’s what Lawrence excels in, braking paradigms.

Who said writing a book needs to be an arduous long drawn out process?
Key to his model is rethinking the book process as an entrepreneur rather than as a traditional suffering “writer-author”

I have just spent the weekend attending an insightful workshop lead by Lawrence Green, who has completely opened my mind as to what is possible with limited time. More importantly he  has certainly broken the procrastination loop I was stuck in on this personal goal (to write a book). Hell taking his technique there is no reason not to bash put a couple.

Fundamental to his process – is mapping how he maps the book out – using a drill down process of 3’s  ( 3 main ideas, 3 sub idea’s , 3 sub-sub ideas), focusing in on the purpose and audience, but most importantly not losing the power you have in your natural way or voice. We live in world of the spoken word, so why not just speak your book. The key was in using a smart interviewing techniques with great guidance of a thought out map. 

His interviewing process and audio recording technique, combined with the use of modern outsourcing for transcription and editing process puts your book creating process on steroids. What blew me away was that you can get 4 hour transcripts (dictation) written up mass at market prices of  sub US<$100.  Lawrenece’s attitude is “why should I write up stuff when I can get others to do it for me”“let me focus on the important part of idea creation and making a difference”.

Often when we commit to written word we miss the passion and true “voice”  of our message. The interview process is powerful – because it unleashes the true self, allow our true message (and value add) to come out.  As Lawrence said “when I review by recordings I found I said things, I didn’t know I knew ”

The weekend catered to a variety of attendees some stuck with writer’s block others part way through the process. Every one left inspired, encouraged and in most cases with a full map of their book and no doubt with another 48 hours they will have it written. For me, I arrived cold no prep, I have left the weekend with core map complete for book no 1 and looking forward to making the next major step over the xmas break – watch this space!

For those of you who have a plan to write a book in your life plan, then this is must attend weekend. He inspires all to break hang ups and reasons not to start, provides frame work and tips on how to get the task done.

Contact Lawrence about reserving your spot on his next weekend retreat.  or twitter @LLGNZ


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