Ten Steps to Business Success

  1. Have clarity in how you add value to your clients – focus on that. Leverage your point of difference
  2. Identify your target beachhead market – the people who you can make the most money from, in the easiest possible way (a list of list than 100 clients)
  3. Ensure your business model is robust and sustainable – i.e you make money
  4. Create a one page business plan.
  5. Employee the smartest people you can afford, ideally smarter than you,  always hire based on values and personality first – skills second.
  6. Define your culture and brand identity and stick to it – NO this is not a logo!
  7. Adapt fast and act on failure – including firing non performing staff, killing projects that will not deliver a return to the business.
  8. Set up an independent advisory group that will challenge the thinking from day one
  9. Engage your clients and have fun – Perhaps explore Social Media Marketing
  10. Have a goal and exit plan from day one.

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