Inspired by: NO, Inconvenience and Only 4 chapters Left

 Last week I attended the KEA World Class NZ – Inspire morning … here’s 4 of my take away’s

1: What are you doing with your 6 remaining chapters?

“Your life is broken into 5 year chapters” so what are you doing with your remaining chapters?  
This was one of the challenges tabled by Derek Handley – Hyperfactory fame, at this week’s Inspirational World Class NZ workshop. Derek along with a bunch of other world class New Zealanders certainly did a great job of revving the room up.

Break your life down into your big achievements and missions. Certainly in my life the 5 year blocks hold true. It seems it takes five years to do stuff, whether it’s and achievement of learning or accomplishment or simply recognising you’re on the wrong track.  According to Wikipedia in NZ the average life expectancy is male 78.43 years Female 82.39 years.  So what’s on your chapter – to do list: things to have achieved or accomplished?

The scary thought then at 47, I only have 6 chapters left, or 6 things to achieve. Take this into the business environment then perhaps my list needs to be reduced to 4.

2: Opportunities never arrive at convenient times?

Claudia Batten – Victor & Spoils message was;  “grab opportunities as they arise, but be warned the big opportunities always arrive at the worst possible time.”

Anyone in the new media business interested in the transformation of the design agency into the model world of social media and crowdsourcing check out victor and spoils intro flash … it’s got a great punch line …

3: Play to win not lose and say NO

Listed on Forbes as the 10th most powerful women in sports – Sarah Hobbs (President at Gatorade) was inspirational. Talk about chapters, my guess is this super woman has a chapter of reduced size.

She told a great courageous story of turning around Gatorade and going back to the core of your business. And saying NO to opportunities that fall outside your scope.  Just because you can do something does not mean you should.

4: Watch out real farmers – the virtual world is out performing you

Another Derek Handley wakeup calls came, when he referenced the market cap (value) of Farmville (the social media virtual farm) compared to NZ’s Fonterra ( a real farm). And that Farmville with virtual cows, was doing better than Fonterra with real cows!

Congratulations KEA a fantastic and inspirational morning at World class New Zealand – Inspire day. I am looking forward to the video replay … So much to take in and hell I have only mentioned 3 of the great 7 speakers.

PS: Kea have a service to help NZ businesses access their powerful offshore network of  talent. Contact them direct


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