Smart Promotional Spend – Avanti Show the Way

I see too many businesses blowing mindless money on trade shows. Typically inviting their customers to attend big tradeshows where all their competitors are exhibiting. Having spent a number of years in international telecommunications marketing I have seen this big time with businesses spending $100K plus and getting nowhere.

 The better alternative is to run a dedicated customer event, in a location where you can either entice your customers to go, or in their back yard. 

At Stratex we ran dedicated 2 day customer events in exotic locations like Phuket and Biarritz at a quarter the price with twice the impact, we could create a presence at CEBIT or communicasia. The customers left having had a fantastic time, all referenced direct to our brand, not the industry.

 Thursday night I saw an excellent example of getting customer engagement right, from a local company. Avanti backed their dealer conference with a great showcase event with their 2012 product range open to the public. The event was attended by a huge number of bike enthusiasts.

 I would rate it as one of the better customer events I have attended. Plenty of product specialists with plenty of time to talk to you, in fact most customers I saw were so engrossed in the product the bar was near empty.

 So for the bike enthusiasts among you here are some of my highlights: 

  • Di2 is a must for anyone into bike bling – Check out this video clip if you are not up with the play
  • Di2 bikes for under $7,000 retail – the Di2 ultegra range this year is going to rock
  • Di2 Quatum team (picture below) took my fancy – Extra Di2 remote shifters by the hoods allow for gear shifting of rear derailleur when not riding in the drops – so cool …it’s on my shopping list.
  • The growing trend in Cycle-cross and 29er range
  • The new Ultegra – range wiring system and up to 28 tooth rear sprockets could be a great Tandem upgrade.

 Great show Avanti – and thanks for being such a great support to Pure Black Racing (NZ’s first UCI Pro Tour team in the making). Looking forward to the 2012 bike info being up on their web site and more importantly in-store.

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