I am not a cyclist… I am a real person who rides a bike

I am not a cyclist…  I am Max & Shelley’s Dad, who rides a bike
I am not a cyclist … I am Hilary’s lover , who rides a bike

I am not a cyclist…. I am ______________ who rides a bike   (fill the blank)

Isn’t it so easy for motorist’s to say, it’s just a bloody cyclist and de-personalise us on the road.
Many motorists celebrate as their kids learn to ride a bike, what if it was their child, or a friends child or dad, you were about to take out.

Today Hilary and I attended the Cycle Action Auckland  rally for saver roads. 3 years on from when Hilary broke her back, caused by a driver of an old Mercedee’s in Wellington, who did not want to share the road. Thank god Hilary is back mobile again, but sharing the road is something we’re passionate about.

It was great to see so many people of all shapes and sizes there to support safer riding on the roads.

A few tears were seen, when husband of recent death victim in Morrisonville spoke about how his family loved action and cycling, and how his son witnessed from his bike his mother die in front of him.

The rally was to call for increased funding from the national transport budget to improve cycling safety. The funds are required for –

  • Continuous arterial road cycle lanes in cities and shoulders on key rural roads.
  • Cycle training in schools and for adults who want to cycle for transport.
  • Road safety campaign with fresh and specific messages for safe cycling and driving.

Some messages taken from the speakers:
– Encourage kids to learn to ride on the road, in a safe manner, they will become better drivers later on in life
– Cyclist’s (sorry “bike riders”) encourage your mates to ride safely on the road.
– Don’t txt while driving – you are weaving on the road – killing people

Congrats Cycle Action Auckland – it was a great event and good to see bike NZ and council behind the cause.

Join up to Cycle Action Auckland, or at least follow their blog at www.caa.org.nz

Video Clip from TVNZ


Cyclists rally in Auckland for greater safety (Source: ONE News)


Warning AKL Cyclists Panmure-Pt England Dog Attack

Watch out fellow cyclists – Pit Bull Terrier dog attack in Dunkirk Road Panmure. 

 Wednesday this week (16/10/2010)  Greg and I were one of the best rides ever, out to Maraetai beach and back to town  when our idyllic world was destroyed by a vicious attack by a pit bull terrier out side 47 Dunkirk St, Panmure.

The dog approached fast barking from 20 meters away from across the road, nothing new, but then it attacked the bike, knocking both Greg and I to the ground. It hit that fast all I remember was the awful crushing sound of bike, lyrca and flesh hitting the road.

Greg’s bike is a complete right off, split in two by the impact, I catapulted into the road with the end result a broken collar-bone and crushed helmet, Greg has a severe case of gravel rash.

Thank god the owners at least called the dog away, leaving us wounded on the road, not that they hung around to face ambulance and police.

Animal control services are now after the owner “maori” who was walking  with two females and a push chair. The dog Tan/Beige Pit Ball Terrier.

Animal control can be contacted acs@animal-control.co.nz  09-360 0750

Cyclists and Kids – Please be careful down Dunkirk road and surrounds of Panmure.  This loacation is on the popular airport loop circuit.

Rouge dogs and irresponsible dog owners need to be dealt with, imagine if we had been a child on their way to school.

 Thanks to the kind owner of 47 Dunkirk st, who offered Greg and I something to drink, shame were in a state of shock and said – no we’re fine. Likewise thanks to the kind support of st Johns Ambulance and the kind people at A&E Auckland central.